The role of a good small business CPA

A good small business CPA will provide its clients with advice beyond the areas of tax preparation and auditing

Many of our clients are small business owners. Even those who own big companies started a few years ago as small business owners. Small business is the backbone of our Canadian economy and should be treated as such. Therefore, A good small business CPA will provide its clients with advice beyond the areas of tax preparation and auditing, and will also help its clients capture the many business opportunities that are available to them in order for the maximize their profitability and reduce their liabilities.

Good small business CPA provide clients with advice in areas that are beyond tax preparation and auditing

In our role as a small business CPA, we meet many clients who can benefit from advice in areas that are beyond tax preparation and auditing. Many business owners can increase their profitability through a better understanding of how cash flows in their business, the true value of different business opportunities and the true value of assets and liabilities. For instance, the type of business structure you choose to have, whether it is a proprietorship, partnership, or corporation  will impact how you report your business income, the type of returns you have to complete, and many other aspects of your business. A good CPA will advise you on which business structure is most suitable for your business and the benefits that you are eligible for and how to increase your profitability.

Good small business CPA help clients capture business opportunities

A small business CPA should also help business owners capture opportunities for increasing profits that are not always so obvious to the untrained eye. An accountant has the advantage of having the full perspective of the financial situation of the business as well as the experience of dealing and improving different business situations for its clients. For instance, the following is one example of how a small business CPA could help clients improve their business situation. The Federal Budget 2017 has made changes to the way business professionals will report work in progress (WIP) on their income. This policy could mean that professionals such as lawyers, doctors, accountants, veterinarians, and chiropractors will have to pay more taxes upfront and stain their cash flow.  In order minimize this strain on business professionals income,  a good CPA will advise such professionals on the different options that are available to them.  Such recommendations  could include how they could change the way their WIP is calculated, the benefits of incorporating their practice, the advantage of creating a holding company for excess cash, as well as the value of splitting income with family members.  A good small business CPA will be well versed in the federal policies in place and will know which options are best for its clients in order to maximize opportunities and minimize any strain on their income so that the could carry on business as usual.

We believe that as a small business owner you can expect your CPA to give you this level of consulting.

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