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Trudeau’s government impact on our taxes & how to maximize your bottom line…

During the recent elections Trudeau ran with a campaign focused on the promise to reduce the tax burden on the middle class, while increasing the taxes for the upper class. As of now, there is minimal information on how he plans to achieve it and we will discuss the information that is available in these points below.

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Should I Incorporate?

Many clients approach me with the same question over and over again, should I incorporate?

As a business owner or as someone that plans to open a business in the future, you frequently debate what will be the best business structure for tax and legal purposes. So, when I have been asked the question should I incorporate or not I say, depends.

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What should you know about children care expenses?

Now that we are approaching towards the 2015 tax season, lets freshen up our minds with some old and new information on children tax credits and deductions. Before we start, I would like to explain the differences between two types of tax benefits, a tax credit and a tax deduction.

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